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J's Aroma的源起

J’s Aroma的創始人Tammy有感市面上大多的護膚品牌都添加大量化學物品以及防腐劑,有違天然的護膚之道,故此醉心鑽研手工護膚品,以天然之道,解決不同的肌膚煩惱。

剛巧Tammy身邊的朋友深受濕疹困擾, Tammy決定嘗試學習製作手工皂,過程中得到Tammy的哥哥Steven幫助。Steven畢業於香港科技大學生物系,並有香港大學醫科研究碩士學位,對自然醫學具有研究。兩兄妹不斷研發各種手工皂配方,為各類皮膚問題帶來紓緩的解決方案。

The origin of J’s Aroma

Tammy, the founder of J’s Aroma, feels that most of the skin care brands on the market add a lot of chemicals and preservatives, which are against the natural skin care. Therefore, they are eager to study handmade skin care products to solve different skin troubles in a natural way.

It happened that friend around Tammy was deeply troubled by eczema. Tammy decided to try to learn to make handmade soap, which was helped by Tammy’s brother Steven. Steven graduated from the Department of Biology at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and holds a master’s degree in medical science from the University of Hong Kong. He also has research in natural medicine. They continue to develop a variety of handmade product formulations, bringing relief solutions for all types of skin problems.


J's Aroma是誰

J’s Aroma是一個手工品牌。創辦人Tammy稟承將幸福的香氣和天然的療效這個理念,醉心鑽研各種天然手工護膚品的配方。

哥哥Steven是一個有資歷的研究員,為J’s Aroma產品注入科學的理論基礎。

J's Aroma的理念

J’s Aroma的名字意為大自然的香氣。J’s Aroma認為大自然所賦予的能讓人類生活滿足而美好,護膚之道亦當如是。以此為理念,J’s Aroma決意讓大自然融入於生活上護膚的細節中,使幸福的香氣和自然的療效注入J’s Aroma產品當中。

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J's Aroma的家

J’s Aroma以香港為家。100%純人手製作,無添加。